Sep 23
Office 2016 Release & SP2016 Preview – no love

Clean installation of Windows 2016 Server Preview 3, SharePoint 2016 IT Preview, SQL Server 2014….

Running setup.exe ….


Running office\setup32.exe


Running office\setup64.exe


So it looks like, as the error states, SharePoint is deployed using MSI technology, while office is deployed using the Click-To-Run technology and the two don't get along at all. Hmm.

The obviously solution is to install Office 2016 via the MSI technology… However that's not available, but it may be later in the month with the volume licensing sku of Office 2016


So some research has turned up this:






Solution Attempt #1 – Office 2016 Deployment Tool -

Ohh this looks interesting!


So following through to the clicks, we discover the /packager switch which states:



Hmmm, OK so in this instance, remove means uninstall and /packager is for creating an App-V installation of Office 2016.. Cool but not suited for us in this situation. Hmmmm.


So for now, it looks like I need to hold off install Office 2016 release on my SharePoint 2016 server… everything else tho.. well that *should* work!



Sep 23
Windows Server 2016 Preview 3


^ Looks cool, its about time we seen some innovation here (apparently in the next build of Windows Server 2016.. the Environment variables has also been changed / modernised for the first time since.. well hmmm, Windows 95?? XP??? lol! Apparently it now treats the path variable as a cluster of directories, rather than a single string, with resizing abilities!

Sep 23
Microsoft Office 2016 is released

Office 2016 has been released!

I've been playing on and off with Office 2016 and developing for the new Office UI Fabric and its pretty cool!

I'm looking forward to getting stuck into some real development of it to provide a single user experience to a whole bunch of things which previously where only possible the hard way with office, let alone Office 265, the ipad or the web! (and also Windows 10 ecosystem apps)

You can see more about Office 2016 at –


SharePoint note: No word on anything more than Q1 of 2016 for the release of SharePoint 2016…. However as more releases of SharePoint 2016 are release, this blog will be updated!


Sep 22
.NET Core overcomes SP2016 pre-requisites inability to install and configure web role

It appears that using the following PowerShell prior to running the SharePoint 2016 IT Preview installer, gets over the inability of the installer to install and configure the web role on Windows Server 2016 IT Preview 3!

Install-WindowsFeature Net-Framework-Core –source "<PATH TO MEDIA SOURCE FOLDER>"

No prizes for guessing what it is installing J

Check out the SharePoint 2016 IT Preview known issues here -

Another installation completed J


Sep 19
Welcome to my new SharePoint 2016 Blog!

Thats right, Welcome to SharePoint 2016 Preview using SQL Server 2014, running on Windows Server 2016 Preview 3​!

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