Apr 17
[ASPUG] Adelaide SharePoint User Group April Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations,

Due to our meeting landing on the day after the Easter long weekend, we have decided not to have a user group meeting this month and will resume our meetings on May 16th, 2017.

Early bird registration for our May meeting can be found here.

We do apologies for the late notice but we look forward to seeing you next month. Stay tuned!

-Adelaide SharePoint User Group Team

SharePoint Virtual Summit

At this year’s SharePoint Virtual Summit—a free, online event on May 16, 2017—you’ll learn how to create a connected workplace in Office 365 with OneDrive and SharePoint and integrated with Yammer, Microsoft Teams, Windows, PowerApps and Microsoft Flow.

More information can be found at: https://blogs.office.com/2017/03/21/announcing-the-sharepoint-virtual-summit/

Booking details for this free event can be found at: https://resources.office.com/ww-landing-sharepoint-virtual-summit-2017

Digital Workplace Conference

The conference will be held over two days, 23-24 August 2017 at The Sofitel Sydney Wentworth, 61 Phillip Street, Sydney.

More information and details can be found at http://www.dwcau.com.au/

NDC Sydney

From 14-18 August 2017 at the Hilton Sydney will host the first ever NDC in Australia.

NDC Sydney will have the same format as its European sisters NDC Oslo and NDC London with 2 days of workshops and 2 days of conference sessions.

More information can be found at http://ndcsydney.com

Microsoft Ignite

Microsoft Ignite has wrapped up for this year at the Gold Coast.

You can view all the Microsoft Ignite 2017 sessions and more at https://msftignite.com.au/

Recommended Watching:

More information can be found at https://msftignite.com.au/

Office 365 Developer Podcasts

A great resource is the Office 365 Developer Podcast show presented by Richard diZerega and Andrew Coates.

A particular episode of note is Episode 117 with Jeremy Thake on Microsoft Teams and extensibility - https://blogs.office.com/2017/02/09/episode-117-jeremy-thake-microsoft-teams-extensibility-office-365-developer-podcast/

In episode 117 of the Office 365 Developer Podcast, Richard diZerega and Andrew Coates are joined by Jeremy Thake to discuss Microsoft Teams and extensibility.

You can check out the site and the podcast at https://dev.office.com/podcasts

Visual Studio Dev Essentials

Visual Studio Dev Essentials is a new, free program that brings together everything developers need to create applications on any device or operating system including Visual Studio Community and Visual Studio Code, and the free tier of Visual Studio Team Services. Dev Essentials adds priority forum support, training services from Pluralsight, Wintellect, and Xamarin, and—something that many have asked for—monthly credits to use in Azure. You can find all the details on https://www.visualstudio.com/products/free-developer-offers-vs

User Group Sponsors

The Adelaide SharePoint User Group would like to welcome two new well known and trusted identifies as official sponsors of the Adelaide SharePoint User Group, JetBrains and Telerik and thank them frothier support of the user group!



Check out our website at http://www.aspug.org.au/

We also have a number of Social Media platforms:

List Management

Feel free to forward these emails to others who may be interested in the Adelaide SharePoint User Group. If they wish to receive emails directly about the Adelaide SharePoint User Group, they should send a message to me at the address below.

If you would like to include meeting details in your works internal newsletter, please also feel free to do so.


Please let us know if you have any feedback on how we can improve the user group. Also, if you would like to present to the group on your experiences with SharePoint, just let us know. I can be contacted at daniel@danielbrown.id.au or by visiting http://www.aspug.org.au.

Apr 11
A trip down memory lane

Well... did not expect to be doing this this morning!

Visual Studio 6.0 being installed on Windows Server 2008!

The project which requires this… will be meet the 21st century by the end of today!

Apr 10
Family Tree Maker Plugin API notes

Just a couple of notes about potential improvements to the Family Tree Maker 2014.1+ Plugin API

As a couple of you know by now, I've been doing the family tree for some time now, having located the 'main' arm of the family (we are the 'lost' arm) and have written a plugin for FTM... Anniversary Exporter, as well as some others, such as this WCF Service Proof of Concept. Oh and let's not forget the Visual Studio project templates for all versions!)

Now, while The Software MacKiev Company (New owners of FTM) all seems too keen to promote the other plugins, they are not so keen to promote mine, I think given the type/size of the plugin… which hurts a little, considering I have worked at this from scratch… in a time where there was no documentation (and still isn't) and everything had to be learned the hard way to create plugins.

So a couple of thoughts about improvements they could make to help developing plugins are more robust experience.

  • Start Up plugins – Plugins which are loaded during start up or opening of a tree – Currently they are only loaded when you go to the menu and the only type which is 'allowed' is a "Export Type" plugin.
  • Non File Export Plugins – While these are currently supported, all they do is show up in the Plugin Manager, there is no entry point to execute. With an entry point, we do not have to use the File Export plugin interface
  • Documentation – There is nothing… I spent hours on the phone in the middle of the night to Ancestry (when they owned it) to try and convince them to A. Write some documentation and B. Release it. Documentation will vastly help.
Apr 09
Visual Studio–Family Tree Maker Plugin Templates

Well I’ve been at it again… this time creating new Visual Studio templates for Family Tree Maker... Keeping up to date!

But a quick look at my Visual Studio ‘New Project Window’

As you can see, I have developed Visual Studio Project templates for Family Tree Maker 2014 and 2014.1 which allows quick and easy creation o Family Tree Maker Plugins!


Note… The normal “Plugin” and not the “File Export Plug” while it will show in FTM’s Plugin manager, it will not have a entry point.

(HACK: You can put things in when FTM tries to get the name of the plugin, but the user will need to go to the plugin manager window first, before you plugin will run and you will not get access to the data source for the tree either).



Apr 09
Anniversary Exporter for Family Tree Maker

Just a quick post to help promote a little plugin I wrote for the genealogy program, Family Tree Maker…. Anniversary exporter!

Anniversary Exporter allows you to export Births, Marriages and Deaths from your family tree to your calendar.

Anniversary exporter is not widely known, However it is one of the oldest plugins for Family Tree Maker, having starter the work prior to the now 2 well known ones.

Check it out and find more at http://anniversaryexporter.com/

We support both Family Tree Maker 2014 and 2014.1 and when released will also be supporting Family Tree Maker 2017!

(Post from 2016 re: my WCF plugin for Family Tree Maker - https://www.danielbrown.id.au/Lists/Posts/Post.aspx?ID=26)



Apr 07
Github to ditch IE?

That's going to be interesting

Apr 06
Team Foundation Server requirements link

A very handy resource to have when dealing with a double hop TFS upgrade and a triple hop SQL Server upgrade (argh!) this week!

(Note: TFS 2010 / SQL Server 2008 to TFS 2015 / SQL Server 2012 then finally TFS 2017 to SQL Server 2014! (phew!))

Requirements and compatibility - https://www.visualstudio.com/en-us/docs/setup-admin/requirements



Apr 04
CodePlex to be shutdown!

Yes, that's right, Microsoft is shutting down CodePlex later this year!

CodePlex was somewhat a good site for development projects, backed with TFS… the momentum of CodePlex has been dying down each year to the point where Microsof6t has pulled the plug.

I've just migrated some old projects from CodePlex over to GitHub using the inbuilt tools, Very Handy!

It's a shame its gone, but Microsoft neglected it for several years and just started to use Github.

D-Date is 15th of December, 2017!

You can read more about the plan from Brian Harry's Blog post – Shutting down CodePlex at https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/bharry/2017/03/31/shutting-down-codeplex/

Mar 23
NDC Sydney

NDC Sydney is on again this year - August 14-18. Call for papers is now open at https://sessionize.com/ndcsydney2017/ 

More information about the conference can be found at http://ndcsydney.com/

Mar 23
SharePoint Virtual Summit announced!

Microsoft have announced a Virtual SharePoint Summit on 17th of May, 2:30AM-5:00AM Adelaide Time (ACDT)

I am excited to announce the SharePoint Virtual Summit—a free, global online event—will be on May 16, 2017.

With more than 85 million active users, Office 365 empowers individuals, teams and entire organizations with the broadest and deepest toolkit for collaboration. Office 365 is designed to meet the unique workstyle of every group with purpose-built, integrated applications: Outlook for enterprise-grade email; Yammer for networking across the organization; Skype for Business as the backbone for enterprise voice and video; Microsoft Teams, the new chat-based workspace; and SharePoint for intelligent content management and intranets.

Last May, at the Future of SharePoint virtual event—viewed by over 50,000 people—we unveiled a new vision and roadmap for SharePoint and OneDrive. Over the last year, we have delivered on new innovations, including:

  • The first ever SharePoint app across all mobile platforms and a new SharePoint home experience in Office 365.
  • Modern SharePoint Team Sites seamlessly connected to Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams.
  • A new OneDrive Sync client with support for SharePoint files and shared folders.
  • PowerApps and Microsoft Flow integration to support rapid app and business process development.
  • SharePoint Framework, a modern, client-side development model and toolchain to usher in the next generation of custom development on SharePoint.
  • New security and compliance capabilities such as data loss prevention (DLP), Conditional Access and Mobile Device Management (MDM).

At this year’s SharePoint Virtual Summit you’ll learn how to take advantage of SharePoint, OneDrive and the rest of the Office 365 collaboration toolkit to create a connected workplace, empowering you to securely connect to the people and content you need, to transform business processes, to inform and engage your employees, and to harness the collective knowledge of your organization.

Microsoft Corporate Vice President Jeff Teper will unveil the latest product innovations and roadmap. You’ll also hear from industry-leading customers on how they are leveraging these technologies as part of their digital transformation. Jeff will be joined by Microsoft Corporate Vice Presidents James Phillips and Chuck Friedman to discuss how Office 365— connected with Windows and Azure—is reinventing productivity for you, your teams and your organization.

We hope you’ll join us at this year’s event so register now to save your space on May 16, 2017.

—Seth Patton, general manager for Office 365 product marketing

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