Nov 18
Windows Server 2016 Standard (Core) and SharePoint 2016–Part 3–AppFabric

Still working my way thru getting the prerequisites installed… with mostly success!

Getting closer.. Tho I need a restart :D


One thing I did find out (forgot to get a screenshot) is to install WindowsServerAppFabricSetup_x64.exe, it actually requires Windows Update Service to be running. easy enough… Net start wuauserv


and… its already running…. hmmm…

Next up… lets try the /i switch which is the silent install option

“WindowsServerAppFabricSetup_x64.exe /i”

Wait a couple of minuets and try and run WindowsServerAppFabricSetup_x64.exe again. it extracts as usual, and them I'm presented with this:


GUI for AppFabric 1.1 for Windows Server Setup Wizard!

Running through the Wizard, all features are installed. Excellent!


so… after a restart and a couple of preprequsist installs…. I try setup again….



Ouch! That's going to hurt. SharePoint setup wants me to uninstall appfabric and have the prereq tool istall and configure it.

Also, this native client business… swear i installed that.


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